About Elisabeth

Well, HELLO there! I am Elisabeth, a freelance makeup artist and beauty blogger who enjoys (NO…Is OBSESSED WITH) anything beauty related! 

I have been doing bridal and special event makeup for over 8 years. I believe every woman is beautiful and should know it! I don’t believe a makeup artist should only create a beautiful face. Makeup artists should simply bring out every clients’ inner beauty. After all, it is the inner beauty that really counts. 

By getting to know my clients and learning their style, I am able to create the best version of my clients. After all, you want to feel and look beautiful…right?! I would love to get to know you and bring out all your inner confidence (even if you don’t feel like you have any…let me work my magic)! 

When a woman looks in the mirror, smiles, and says…I AM BEAUTIFUL, then (and only then) do I feel like my mission is complete. Nothing gives me more joy than seeing a woman tell herself that she is beautiful! 

So what are you waiting for? Do you want to look your best and let your inner beauty finally show through? Let’s make magic happen together! And better yet, let’s become friends…all my clients become my friends! 

Some Fun Facts About Elisabeth:

  • Has a Pre-Medical Degree (wanted to be a dermatologist until my love for beauty, makeup, and blogging took over)
  • Collects tea infusers and of course, MAKEUP
  • HUGE football fan! GO BUCKEYES!!!
  • Loves to bake and eat sweets
  • Has a blast creating content and being a business owner
  • Loves to impower woman
  • Enjoys spending time with her church family
  • Believes Laughter is the best medicine and loves to make others laugh
  • The owner of two blogs (Everything & Nothin’ and Beauty Experiments)